Easy Baking…101

Ok, who out there in reader land is also bad with posting on their blog????

I am just curious how everyone else approaches their blog, bc while I have all of these good intentions…acting on them seems to be a bit challenging!

Anyway…in case you missed the “Blizzard of 2016” on the East Coast…well, I am here to tell you that i lived through it this weekend! haha  I was one of the skeptics that called the weatherman’s bluff…bc they are generally wrong here, but for once he was right and it did snow!  Not as much as it was supposed to snow…but a good amount…enough to shut the city down for a few days!  (yes, here in central VA if it flurries, everyone freaks like the world is coming to an end! its ridiculous!) People stripped the shelves of ALL of the bread and milk they could find…but seriously, what do you do with bread and milk? I guess if you have small children, the milk is a good idea…but seriously people, we don’t live in the arctic and you weren’t going to be housebound for weeks at a time.  I saw a post on Facebook the other day asking about what people do with these “necessities” and it was a picture of slices of bread in a bowl of milk…I was dying…almost brought tears to my eyes!  Would love to shake the hand of the person that put that image together! LOL for sure!  Ok, here I go rambling again….per the usual…those of you who read this know how I am 🙂

So, while I was “snowed in” I realized that my boss’s birthday was during the snow storm and started thinking about what I could bake him for his bday, using the ingredients I had at home.  Well, banana bread and sugar cookies was what I came up with…turned out to be crowd pleasers for sure!

I have posted the website for each of these recipes below, but have listed the ingredient list here for you!

Banana Bread (i made mini muffins!)  Makes 36-mini muffins

3 ripe/over ripe bananas

AP flour


white sugar


baking soda

oil (i used olive oil and it was delish!)

walnuts (i didn’t use them)

BEST banana bread recipe


Sugar Cookies – would have yielded 36 but i ate some batter (yes, I know I shouldn’t but it was tasty!!!!!)

AP flour




baking powder



Sprinkles (optional: I made 6 cookies with sprinkles for my boss’s kids :))

Perfect Sugar Cookies Recipe

Suggestions: if you want a crisper cookie, I suggest rolling them out or pressing them out a bit more with your fingers.  Gently smashing them a bit leaves them soft in the middle.

Also, if you want the sprinkled effect…roll them in them just as you would the sugar and bake them in.  They do NOT stick to the pan!!!!  And they turn out super cute 🙂


Well that’s all for now readers!  Happy baking….hopefully I will find time to add some more cookie recipes here soon!  So much to catch up on!

Until next time, happy eating!

Chef Steph 🙂




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